Manhattan Plots in Origin 2017

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With the release of Origin 2017 we have included several new apps with specialized capabilities to analyze very specific sets of data. One such feature is the new Manhattan Plot app; named for its eponymous skyline, these plots allow genetics researchers to … Continued

Use Excel Workbooks in Origin 2017

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In this blog post we’ll be discussing one of Origin’s little known features, the ability to link Excel files to OPJs using the Microsoft DDE protocol. In Origin you can not only import Excel data but rather open Excel files themselves … Continued

Setting Default Color Scheme in Origin

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The above graph uses Origin’s default color scheme:    Due to personal preferences and publishing standards, you may often find yourself switching between Origin’s default colors and another color scheme of your own. You can customize the plot colors and save graph … Continued

Making Treemaps in Origin 2016

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Treemapping is especially useful for displaying proportional data across different groups/categories, and is often used in the fields of sociology and popular economics to illustrate demographics, preferences, and other metrics. With the release of Origin’s new Treemap Plot app you can now generate these … Continued

Digitizing Multi-Axis Graphs in Origin

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While useful, legacy datasets can often be a difficult to analyze, especially when they lack tables with raw values. Fortunately Origin’s digitizing tool makes it possible to convert older graphs from images to Origin graphs with editable data. In this blog post … Continued

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