Placing 3D Bars on a Map

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Continue from the previous blog post Overlay Locations on a 3D Map, we will further explore Maps Online app. In this post I will show you how to fetch map data from a new WMS server and then plot it on a … Continued

Interval Plot

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This plot will show you how to create an interval plot from raw data and indexed data. If you would like to work through these steps with me, download file, extract the contents and open the OPJ file. Below is … Continued

Stack Lines in Groups with Y Offset

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This post will show you how to stack multiple lines into groups and offset the grouped lines constantly along Y direction. We have put together an OPJ file in (201 KB) file, which is raw data kindly provided by sir Matt Siebecker. To … Continued

Flatten Waterfall Plot

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This post will show you how to flatten a 3D waterfall plot to create a “spectrogram”, where the height of each spectrum will be flattened to be zero and represented by the color mapped to its height. If you would like … Continued

Define a Peak Function for Peak Fitting

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In Origin, defining a peak function is very similar to defining an user-defined fitting function, but with two additional requirements to be met: 1. The defined peak function should be placed into PFW category and the Peak Function check box on The Variable and Parameter … Continued

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