How to Move a Plot to Right Axis

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Origin has many built-in graph templates to plot data with against double Y, 3Y, 4Y, or many Y axes. But sometimes users ask how to plot data in an existing graph against a new axis scale, such as right Y … Continued

Quick Way to Remove Sparklines in Origin

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Sparkline is a nice feature in Origin to quickly view the shape or distribution of the data across many columns without having to create graph windows. Each sparkline object is in fact an embedded graph so it can make your opj … Continued

Make Graphs Consistent – Axis

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Origin’s Copy and Paste Format is a huge time saver to make graphs with Consistent look. This blog will focus on how to make axis with consistent look. You can download copy_paste_axis_format ZIP file and use it if you want to follow … Continued

Delete Peak Labels

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Origin’s Quick Peaks gadget is a handy tool to find peaks in spectrum. But sometimes the spectrum is noisy so more than necessary peaks are found and labelled in graph. You may want to delete those unnecessary ones. Here is an … Continued