Delete Peak Labels

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Origin’s Quick Peaks gadget is a handy tool to find peaks in spectrum. But sometimes the spectrum is noisy so more than necessary peaks are found and labelled in graph. You may want to delete those unnecessary ones. Here is an … Continued

Define a Peak Function for Peak Fitting

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In Origin, defining a peak function is very similar to defining an user-defined fitting function, but with two additional requirements to be met: 1. The defined peak function should be placed into PFW category and the Peak Function check box on The Variable and Parameter … Continued

How do I Perform Peak “Deconvolution”?

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“Deconvolution” is a term often applied to the process of decomposing peaks that overlap with each other, thus extracting information about the “hidden peak”. Origin provides two tools to perform peak “deconvolution”, depending upon the existence of a baseline. We have put together an … Continued

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