Different scales on same axis with zero gap axis break

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When you want to plot two sets of data which have very different value ranges in a same graph, traditionally (and in the most flexible way in terms of arrangement) you could create two layers, as each layer has own axis scale. However since Origin 9.1, if you want to simply divide a continuous axis range into two separate sub-ranges with different axis scales even in a single layer,¬†you can make such sub-ranges by making an invisible axis break, and set the own scales “before” and “after” the axis break. This handy procedure can make the following sample graph in which Y axis has two different Y scales: from -180000 to 0, and from 0 to 80:

To make such Y axis in this sample, you can make an axis break which starts and ends at the same point (=0) so that the continuous axis range (from -180000 to 80) has two connecting sub-ranges (from -180000 to 0, and from 0 to 80). As you see in the following screenshot, both Break From and Break To are set to the same 0 in the Axis dialog box.




You can read more details at: http://originlab.com/www/products/GraphGallery.aspx?GID=344
and try the tutorial by your self at: http://originlab.com/doc/Tutorials/stack-column-custom-Y-scales .

Though making layers in a graph is still most powerful and flexible way to deal with multiple datasets with different axis scale, this “zero gap axis break” method is very convenient to arrange the datasets nicely in their own scales.

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