App to Import Google Map into Origin 2017

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Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. Origin now supports importing google map directly into an Origin graph. Follow this link to install the app. In this example, we will show you how to embed google map into a data plot of geographical information (e.g. temperature) to achieve a more intuitive presentation of the data.

Import data

  1. Launch Origin, open a new worksheet and import data “…\Samples\Graphing\US Mean Temperature.dat”.
  2. Select the header of column B, right click and set as X.
  3. Highlight column C and make a scatter plot by choosing Plot:Scatter:Scatter.  Delete the legend.
  4. Now we are going to make some modification on the format of the plot: Double click the graph to bring up the plot detail dialog.
  5. Under Symbol tab, change the symbol style to filled circle, change Size to 7.  Click the Symbol Color dropdown list and map the point color to Col(P).googleplotdetail1
  6. Go to Colormap tab, click Fill column header. Choose Load Palette, in the dropdown list, choose Thermometer. Click OK twice to exit Plot Detail dialog.googleplotdetail2
  7. Now we get the scatter plot with each point colored with the annual mean temperature of that location. Next we will set the background of the graph with a US map.

Import image

  1. With the graph active, select the Google Map Import app to bring up the dialog.
  2. Clicking on the curved arrow icon located in the upper right corner of the red rectangle on the left panel to pick up the X,Y range from the active graph.  Use mouse scroll to enlarge the image on the right panel to get better resolution. (Note: The map image size is limited to 640×640 pixels.)
  3. Change the Map Type to Satellite. (Other map type includes Road Map, Terrain, Hybrid ) Click Import as Update.
  4. Now the graph is updated with a US map as background.

Extra formatting

  1. Double click the X axis, under Tick Labels tab, select Bottom and Left in the left panel, input \(a176) in Suffix. Click OK.finaledition
  2. Click Add Color Scale on the right-side toolbar.
  3. Click Text Tool on the right-side toolbar. Input “US Mean Temperature” to make a title for the graph.



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