Statistics on Rows

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Origin provides tools for user to generate basic statistics for rows in worksheet. In this blog post we will discuss the tools to generate row-wise statistics: Using the “Statistics on Rows” menu Rowstats x-function for non-contiguous data/multiple sheet Pros and cons of … Continued

How to control the increment list

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You can customize the order of the colors of bars, lines or symbols, etc. like in this sample column chart – this rainbow sequence of the bar colors is different from the Origin’s system default order, and has been customized … Continued

New Orglab Released as Single DLL

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A new version of Orglab has been released.  Orglab is used for creating custom applications that can read and write Origin project (.OPJ) files. Your custom application communicates with Orglab using COM. Applications can be developed using C#, VB, PHP and … Continued

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