Colormapped Line Series

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User asked how to map color of each spectrum to a different color in a colormap based on Column label row values and show the color scale on the graph as follows. Though Origin’s line plot can easily assign a … Continued

Visualizing the Negative Log

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Introduction: The logarithm of a negative value is not defined in the real space. But in practical applications, we occasionally see that the magnitude of the data changes exponentially even in the negative area. How can we present such data … Continued

Making Dynamic Inset Graphs

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Oftentimes when plotting data you may find you want to display a zoomed-in section of a graph to make otherwise cluttered graphs more clear to the viewer. Fortunately Origin provides its users with a number of ways to display different portions of their data. To follow this blog, … Continued

Placing 3D Bars on a Map

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Continue from the previous blog post Overlay Locations on a 3D Map, we will further explore Maps Online app. In this post I will show you how to fetch map data from a new WMS server and then plot it on a … Continued

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