Plotting Waterfall Plots with YZ Lines

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Waterfall plots, colloquially known as “spectragrams” are extremely useful for displaying multiple sets of data across the same time series, allowing readers to easily distinguish the influence of variables across multiple iterations. When making these plots, oftentimes you’ll want to connect a … Continued

Interval Plot

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This plot will show you how to create an interval plot from raw data and indexed data. If you would like to work through these steps with me, download file, extract the contents and open the OPJ file. Below is … Continued

Delete Peak Labels

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Origin’s Quick Peaks gadget is a handy tool to find peaks in spectrum. But sometimes the spectrum is noisy so more than necessary peaks are found and labelled in graph. You may want to delete those unnecessary ones. Here is an … Continued

Donut Chart

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Donut chart is a popular form of visualizing categorical data, just like a pie chart, to demonstrate the relationship of each segment to a whole. A donut chart can contain more than one data series by adding more rings onto the chart. … Continued

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