Browser Graph Improvements in Origin 2021


Origin 2021 brings several improvements to our popular Browser Graph feature. These improvements include:

  • A Browser Graph mini toolbar button to convert a normal graph to a Browser Graph and vice versa.
  • A Flip Through navigation tool.
  • A new Stack Browser Graph

In this blog, I’ll introduce these new features.

Browser Graph Mini Toolbar button

On the mini toolbar for a graph page, a new button has been added that converts many graph types into a Browser Graph. Alternately, it can convert an existing Browser Graph into a regular graph.

Watch how it works to convert a line plot to a Browser Graph, display multiple lines, and then convert it back to a regular graph:

Flip Through Navigation Tool

Next, a new navigation tool called Flip Through as been added to the context menu for Browser Graphs. It allows navigating plot by plot or moving my a certain number of plots.

Watch how it works to first move one plot at a time then to move five plot at a time.

Stack Browser Graph

The Stack Browser Graph is a multi-panel Browser Graph designed to work with with grouped of data that are grouped by a given variable, typically a worksheet label row such as Comments or perhaps a user-defined label row.

An example of the structure of the data might be as follows. Observe that the Comments label row contains grouping information. There are two groups and each group shares the same values- 300 to 1200 °C.

The Stack Browser Graph allows us to create a multi-panel Browser Graph based on those repeated values. Observe in the example below how each panel is represents one of the values (notice the Y axis title) and all the individual Y columns appear as plots in each panel.

It is important to note that all of the data does not have to be in one sheet. The Browser Graph control panel allows to pull in data from different sheets or even different books as long as the grouping is in the same label row and the groups are the same. This can be controlled via the context menu of the control panel:

To create a Stack Browser Graph select at least one entire group and choose Stack from the Plot: Browser Graph menu. If all groups are in the same sheet, you can select the entire sheet. In the example below, a single group is selected. Then, as illustrated above, additional groups can be added from the control panel context menu as necessary.


Well that’s it for my introduction. I hope you have found tis blog helpful and please give these improvements a try.

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