COVID-19 Daily Update of World Situation Report of Confirmed Cases

This blog will be updated Daily.

As COVID-19 cases increase globally, people are following the news closely to stay updated on the situation. So this time we made a different report (see our previous post ) with a more classic, template-like setup, instead of an HTML report.

The data is provided by Johns Hopkins University, which can be accessed here, and is updated daily. We use a Web Data Connector to bring the data into Origin and remain connected; allowing  all analyses and graphs to update automatically in the project file, when John Hopkins updates their data. We then processed the data further for visualization.

Here is the report as of 03/11/2021.

In Graph Gallery page, you can download the zip file of the project file containing above graph. The COVID-19 case data source is from wikipedia. In Origin, you can select Data: Connect to Web… menu to open HTML connector.  In HTML connector, input wikipedia link and specify the table, then it would easily import datasets from the wikipedia. In Set Column Value tool, use find, value and diff functions to process the imported datasets, then  you can get  “Cumulative Cases” and “Daily New Cases” datasets of the COVID-19 case.

Below plot shows trend of COVID-19 case in states of US.

We use Graph Admin App to animate the changes per day and generate gif files.

Below radial plot shows top 50 countries of confirmed cases.

US now has the most cases. We can see from below heatmap how the cases of each state increase in the past month, and the rate of increases of cases in states from the line graph.



The graph is inspired by this post and data is provided by TomTom Technology.

Please download the project, then  feel free to make your own changes.

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5 Comments on “COVID-19 Daily Update of World Situation Report of Confirmed Cases”

  1. Dear S Z.
    I collected these data from Brasil. In order to help us may you please does the Covid 19 cases levels compared to Italy. I appreciate your help.
    Feb 26 1
    Feb 27 1
    Feb 28 1
    Feb 29 2
    Mar 1 2
    Mar 2 2
    Mar 3 2
    Mar 4 3
    Mar 5 8
    Mar 6 13
    Mar 7 19
    Mar 8 25
    Mar 9 30
    Mar 10 34
    Mar 11 69
    Mar 12 78
    Mar 13 98
    Mar 14 121
    Mar 15 200
    Mar 16 234
    Mar 17 291
    Mar 18 428
    Mar 19 621
    Mar 20 904
    Mar 21

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