Faster plotting for large data in Origin 2020

New Density dots and Color dots for large data

Density Dots and Color Dots are new plot types introduced in Origin 2020 to create scatter plots from very large datasets on the order of millions of data points.

Density Dots presents the data as a scatter plot where the points are colormapped to the data density. The density is computed using a fast algorithm that utilizes 2D binned approximation and 2D interpolation.Creating this plot from 2 million XY data points takes just 2 to 3 seconds!

Speed improvements when turning off speed mode of scatter/color mapped graph

Besides Density Dots and Color Dots, general Scatter plots of large datasets are drawn much faster in this new version. This includes the default XY scatter plot as well as colormapped scatter plots in which a third column is used to assign scatter point color. Creating these plots is now 5x to 10x faster than before!

Faster speed for colormap contour when turning off speed mode

Drawing speed of colormap contour with speed mode off has been largely improved in this new version. Colormap contour can be plotted in seconds from million rows of data, especially those with fill color set to none.

Data highlight speed improvements

Data Highlighting on graph with large data size has been significantly improved in this latest version.



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