Heatmap Improvements in Origin 2019b

In Origin 2019b, we implement several improvements for heatmap graph. Also we reorganized Plot menu so all heatmap types are under Plot->Contour now.

1.  Support gaps between cells in heatmap graph.

You can adjust gaps between heatmap cells on Spacing tab of the Plot Details dialog

One good example of using this new feature is to make graph similar to flattened waterfall. For details, press F11 to open Learning Center, go to Graph Samples -> Contour Plots. Find the graph with title Temperature for Albany under this category . Double click on the graph and switch to Spacing tab. Gap Between Cells in Y is checked. You can find this plot type from Plot -> Contour -> Split Heatmap menu.

2.  Support XY or XYZ data

Previously, heatmap can only be plotted with matrix or virtual matrix.  Starting from Origin 2019b, heatmap can be plotted from XY data or XYZ data. For example, if Z column is selected to plot heatmap graph (from menu Plot: Contour: Heatmap):

If the X and Y values are text values with categories, heat map plot will be created from categorical values. In the dialog, you can choose the statistics to be displayed on the heatmap.  ( See example US Coal Production under Learning Center -> Graph Samples -> Contour Plots. ).  For categorical values, you can double click Categories cell in original data sheet to customize categorical order. The plot will use the categorical order you set.

If X and Y values are numerical values,  2D binning is needed first and heat map is created from the 2D binning results. (  \Samples\Matrix Conversion and Gridding\3D XYZ.dat )


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