Hierarchical Edge Bundling Plot in Origin 2024b

Origin 2024b introduces  a new graph template called Hierarchical Edge Bundling (HEB) (menu Plot:Categorical:Hierarchical Edge Bundling ). This plot is a visualization technique used to display relationships between entities organized in a hierarchical structure. This visualization method is particularly effective for decreasing the clutter observed in complex networks. In a Hierarchical Edge Bundle plot, the hierarchical structure is represented by nested layers of nodes and edges. Nodes at each level of the hierarchy are connected by edges that bundle together to show the overall flow and connectivity within the network.

Primary features of Hierarchical Edge Bundling plots include:

  1. Hierarchy Representation: HEB plots organize nodes into levels or layers, reflecting the hierarchical structure of the data. Nodes of the same parents are often grouped together.
  2. Edge Bundling: Edges between nodes are bundled together based on their connectivity, forming curved paths that visually represent clusters of related nodes. Bundling reduces visual clutter and enhances the clarity of relationships.
  3. Interactivity: It allows users to navigate through different  nodes, clicking it to explore detailed connections within the network.

The following sample graphs can be accessed by going to the menu Help:Learning Center and search for Hierarchical Edge Bundling.

Hierarchical edge bundling plots are designed to improve the readability and aesthetics of complex network data. The use of curved edges and hierarchical layout helps in revealing patterns, clusters, and flow of information more intuitively.

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