Insert SVG Image as Link for External Editing

Though Origin supported insert external drawing as linked object in graph, it doesn’t support SVG image file due to its vector-based image format. Improvements are made in Origin 2023b so that SVG image can be inserted as linked object as well.

In this blog, we provide an example of inserting an SVG image file as a linked drawing into an Origin graph. This allows for real-time updates to the image whenever the original file is edited outside of Origin. Please download the project file and the image file that are used in this blog.

  1. Add the SVG image file to the graph window by simply drag and drop the SVG image file onto the graph. Adjust the image size as needed. Rotation of the image is also supported by single-clicking on the image twice to enter the rotation mode. 
  2. Right-click on the inserted image and select Link File in the context menu.
  3. Note that both the Object Manager and the status bar now indicate that the image object is linked.
  4. Now, let’s edit the SVG image using a third-party software, such as Inkscape in this example, outside of Origin. Make the necessary adjustments to the image to match the example below.
  5. Save the image file from Inkscape and the updated version of the image will be displayed in the Origin graph window.

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