How to set two different scales on the same axis

Some Origin users wanted to have two different axis scales on a same axis like the following sample X:

Here, the negative X region has the millimeter scale, but the positive region has the centimeter scale. Placing a zero-gap axis break in the axis achieves such axis format. The following is the essential procedure to do this.


1) To make an axis break, in the Axis dialog, Breaks tab, set the Number of Breaks to 1. Also, as we don’t want to show the break’s wavy marks, set 0 to Break Half Length .

2) Also in this Breaks tab in the Axis dialog, set both Break From Break To fields to the X position of the scale changing place, 0 in this sample. Here, the same value for both Break From and Break To  makes a zero-gap break. Also, to place this position at the middle of the X axis, turn OFF the Auto Position check box, and enter 50 (in %) at the Position field. You can set the scale increment after this break by pressing the “Details…” button. (See the above image.)

3) Finally, in the Special Ticks tab, you can put the (major) tick labels (here, -2mm, -4mm, -6mm) at specific X positions.

Download the project file of this sample from here.


Note that the same technique can be used for the Y axis, and the following sample can be created by this tutorial:


2 Comments on “How to set two different scales on the same axis”

  1. Sir can i take two different scales on the same axis .
    For example:
    I need to take scale of 20cm from 400. Would i start from 400 and in the middle i need 451,452,453, and later I move on to the same scale.

    1. Hi Shaik, Thank you for your question. Yes, this can be done. Please view our Tips and Trick videos “Use Axis Break to Split Axis into Different Regions” , and “Add Multiple Axis Breaks to show details in one region” Both videos go through similar examples that I think you will find useful.
      If you still have trouble, please email us at for faster Technical Support. Please be sure to include your serial number and the version of Origin that you are using. Best, Technical Support Team


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