Grouped Marginal Plot

In Origin 2021b, we introduced grouped marginal plots (menu Plot:Statistical:Grouped Marginal Plot) where multiple groups of XY data can be examined in one graph. The graph below shows a scatter plot of 3 groups of XY data on the main layer and the distribution curve of X data in each group on the top layer and the distribution curve of Y data in each group on the right layer. For this new plot type, the main layer and the side layers can be highly customized.

In Origin 2021b, You can choose Help: Learning Center… On Graph Samples tab, enter keyword 2021b and find this graph sample with the associated data.

Options for main layer:

  1. Scatter
  2. Scatter with Linear Regression
  3. Kernel Density Contour Fill
  4. Kernel Density Contour Line

Options for top/right Layer:

  1. Histograms
  2. Stacked Histograms
  3. Box Charts
  4. Violins
  5. Distributed Curves
  6. Distributed Curves with Fill
  7. Histograms with Curves

The right layer follows the top layer by default. You can change it to be different from the top layer, if needed.


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