Network Plot

In Origin 2021b, we introduced Network plot (menu Plot:Categorical:Network). It shows the interconnections between a set of entities. Each entity is represented as a node while connections between entities are represented by links between nodes. User can manually drag node around.

The network plot in Origin supports three types of input data: Adjacent Matrix, Incidence Matrix and Edge List:

  • Adjacent Matrix: a square matrix where individuals in rows and columns are the same.
  • Incidence Matrix: None-squared matrix and the entities in rows and columns are not necessarily the same.
  • Edge List: Input has two columns and  each row represents a connection between an origin (left column) and a destination (right column).

Example : Trading of Football Players Within European Countries

From the graph, we can see the format of the nodes (size, color, position, etc) and the edges (color, thckness) can be customized to carry information.

  1. The network plot is put on top of the map of Europe where the node position reflects each country’s geographical location.
  2. The size of each node represent the number of exported players . ( Symbol size can be adjusted to represent incoming players or the total number of transferred players)
  3. The thickness of each link represents the number of transferred players between two countries.

Below are some Network Plot examples delivered with Origin 2021b. you can choose menu Help: Learning Center… Go to Graph Samples tab, enter keyword 2021b and find these graph samples with associated data.

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