New Orglab Released as Single DLL

A new version of Orglab has been released.  Orglab is used for creating custom applications that can read and write Origin project (.OPJ) files. Your custom application communicates with Orglab using COM. Applications can be developed using C#, VB, PHP and Python etc that supports COM.

The new release of Orglab is based on Origin’s 9.3 source code.  Previous releases consisted of several DLL files while this new release is a single DLL.  This new release also adds new methods for getting and setting LabTalk object properties.  This is an important addition because OrgLab does not support executing LabTalk script.  This can be a problem if you want to accomplish a task that can not be done with a method or property in one of the Automation classes.  An example would be changing the title of a window to show both long and short names.  Changing the names visible can not be done from Automation but can be done by setting LabTalk’s Page.Title property.  OrgLab 9.3 adds four new methods for setting and getting LabTalk object properties.

double GetLTObjNumVar(string name)
string GetLTObjStrVar(string name)
BOOL SetLTObjNumVar(string name, double value)
BOOL SetLTObjStrVar(string name, string value)

The following VisualBasic example demonstrates how to show both short and long names in a window title.

Dim orgApp As Origin.Application
Dim orgBook As Origin.WorksheetPage

orgApp = New Origin.Application orgApp.NewProject()
orgBook = orgApp.WorksheetPages.Add()
orgBook.LongName = "My Long Name"
orgBook.SetLTObjNumVar("page.title", 3) ' 3 = Show short and long names orgApp.Save("d:\myProject.opj")

orgApp.NewProject() ' make sure project is released
orgBook = Nothing
orgApp = Nothing

For more information about Orglab and to download the latest version visit the Orglab page.



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