New way to Roll Out Origin 2019 on Multiple PCs

In the past, an  msi installer or customized silent installation was needed for deploying Origin on multiple PCs.

Beginning with Origin 2019, we have provided an easier way to roll out installation with customization, without the need to learn MSI configuration and Silent installation. The new method is based on an INI file named Config.ini.

Simply edit the Config.ini file under the setup files folder and run setup.exe. The configuration will be used. There are explanation and examples in the file itself, so it is very easy to set the configuration.

The INI file can be used to preset the following:

  • User Files folder (where all end user custom templates, fitting functions etc are saved)
  • FLEXnet Server Information for network Origin/OriginPro
  • Apps folder (where installed Apps will be located)
  • Autosave, Backup, Unsaved documents location (for Origin project files)
  • Setup settings such as Serial Number, Install 64 bit only, Help files and other components or not, etc.

For example, with the following config.ini under seutp.exe folder, if you run setup.exe, Origin will silently install 64 bit only Origin with SN gf3s4-3089-7555555. No User Files folder or Licensing dialog will show since both are preset. Origin is ready to use after silent installation.

; Preset User Files folder to window's login user's Documents\OriginLab\UFF


; Set FLEXnet Server name as PC1 and port number as 1234


; If QuietMode=1 and installation settings are specified, Origin will do silent installation. No need to click any Next buttons.


We had customers using roaming profile or Virtual PC and reported their installed Apps are gone the next time they logs on the PC. It is because some IT maybe set certain folders to be wiped out after user logs off the PC and Apps default folder  (C:\Users\snow\AppData\Local\OriginLab\Apps) is wiped out. By specify Apps folder in config.ini file before installation or modifying the config.ini under Origin Program folder after installation,  the installed apps will always be kept.

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