Programming Data Connectors using LabTalk


Data Connectors are Origin’s new and preferred method of importing data. While they are accessible from the Origin GUI, they are also accessible via LabTalk, Origin’s built-in scripting language.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to use two popular Data Connectors (CSV and Excel)  to import data via LabTalk. I’ll take it a step further and include partial import in case this is important for some people. And, I’ll get to the point with code samples while keeping the exposition to a minimum.

But before we begin, we need to take a look at Partial Import syntax.

Partial Import Syntax

Partial Import syntax is used to build partial import “strings”.  The syntax can seem a bit confusing at first, but in 90% of cases, you’ll only need simple strings . Here is a break down of the syntax followed by a few examples.

Use the following characters in building your partial import string:

  • Space ( ) means .
  • Colon(:) separates from to.
  • Vertical bar(|) means read n cols or rows.
  • Dash() means skip.
  • Tilde(~) means except.

Here are example strings:

Type String Meaning
Column 1 3 7 Import columns 1, 3, and 7
Column 1:4 Import columns 1 to 4
Column 1 2:10|1-1 Import columns 1 and 2 to 10, reading 1 and skipping 1 (1,2,4,6,8,10)
Column 1 3:0|1-2 Import columns 1 and 3 to end, reading 1 and skipping 2 (1,3,6,9,…,end)
Column 1:0~2~4 Import columns 1 to end but skip columns 2 and 4 (1,4,5,6,…,end)
Row 1:99 Import rows 1 to 99
Row 300:0 Import rows 300 to end
Row 1:10 20:30 Import rows 1 to 10 and 20 to 30
Row 1:0|1-1 Import every other row starting at 1 (1,3,5,…,end)
Row 1:30 ~15:20 Import rows 1 to 30, skipping 15 to 20

As you can see, you can build complex partial import strings. But really, most of the time you won’t get into anything fancy.

Now let’s move on to actual code!

CSV Connector Code

Below is well-annotated example code using the CSV Connector to import data via LabTalk. Note that it only works in Origin 2021b or later.

Excel Connector Code

Below is well-annotated example code using the Excel Connector to import data via LabTalk. In this example, two sheets are imported. both sheets have the same structure. Note that it only works in Origin 2021b or later.


Thanks for reading this post. I hope it will help you if you need to access Data Connector functionality via LabTalk.

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