Radial Plot

It is common to show data in Polar coordinate system in Oil & Gas industry. Following is a radial plot provided by Jess Ford, Weatherford International.

This graph shows time (minutes) vs. pressure (in PSI) in a Casing Integrity Pressure Test (-15). The perfect red curve shows that no pressure changes occurred during the test. For detailed background information, please refer to this page.

Download this project from here

How to create and custom this graph

    1. Highlight Col(B) and Col(C). Select menu Plot: Specialized: Polar theta(X) r(Y) to create a polar graph.
    2. Now we can customize the axis. Select menu Format: Axis: X Axis to open the Axis dialog,
      Customize the Angular Axis 

      Customize the Radial Axis

      1) Add 2 more Radial – Inner axes, and position 4 axes at 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° respectively.
      Tips: To add axes, click “+” button at the top-left corner of the Axis dialog.
      2) stretch radial axis range.

      3) Customize formats (font size, color, style, etc) of axis ticks and lines, grid lines, tick labels, for all four radial axes.
      Tips: Since all axes share the same formats, you can customize one axis and then copy the formats to others. That is,
      a) Click Apply To... button
      b) In the opened dialog,

      • specify the axes from which you want to copy the formats and to which to paste
      • check the desired formats to copy.
    3. Add Text object and logo image as needed.

For detailed steps to plot this graph, please refer to the Notes window in the project file.


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