Radial Stacked Bar

The wind rose plot is a very popular type in environmental science. While in fact, it is just a specific application of a stacked column plot on a polar coordinate.

A classic windrose plot

However, if you’re working with categorical data, you’ll have to assign different X values based on the number of items in your list as angle, which can be annoying sometimes and hard to automate without a customized script. Thus in Origin 2020b, we’ve added it as a new graph type under plot menu so that you can create it with one click

We’ve also optimized some of the controls for such data presentation, such as data label rotation/position, bar spoke style, etc., which can be found in the Plot Details dialog that we’ve all be quite familiar with.

Press F11 in Origin 2020b and type Radial Stacked bar on Graph Samples tab to see an example.

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