Stacked Heatmap Plot in Origin 2023

In Origin 2023, we introduce Stacked Heatmap Plot where multiple heatmap layers are stacked along the z direction. Please download the project and follow the steps below to try: 

  1. To prepare data for the stacked heatmap, data should be in XYZZZZ columns. Highlight all the Z columns and select from the menu Plot: 3D: 3D Stacked Heatmaps to open the dialog.

  2. In the dialog, set the Z Value Source to Long Name. Click OK.

3. A matrix window is first created with four matrix objects. Each matrix object saves the data being converted from one set of the original XYZ data. A four-layer Heatmap graph is created with the matrix data.

4. Customize the color palette and tick labels to get the result.

Note: The 3D stacked heatmap plot also supports XYZ data and matrix. Please check the help page for more details.

An alternative to the 3D stacked heatmap plot is the 3D stacked surface plot. It accepts the same structure of data as input and stacks the flattened surface plots along the Z direction.


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