Lollipop Plot

Origin 2021 introduces the lollipop plot which is useful to compare numeric values in two or more groups/categories.

Here are some examples with attached zip file. Please feel free to install Origin 2021 trial version and try it. You can also choose Help: Learning Center and type lollipop to view other lollipop examples.

Lollipop with 2 Groups

Lollipop with Custom Baseline and Color

Lollipop with 3 Groups

Highlight some Lollipops

Basically, Origin 2021 expands our old drop line feature so you can not only drop lines to the graph axis, but also to the next plot. Its color, style and width are fully customizable, plus you can also press Ctrl and double-click a point in the graph to customize that point’s symbol and corresponding drop line.

See the Drop Lines tab in Plot Details dialog.

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