Notes Window with Rich Text and Style

Notes window in Origin 2022b is greatly improved to support Rich Text, Image, Graph, linked Text and together with paragraph style, user can use Notes window to create a nice looking report.

Such Notes window can be embedded as Notes sheet in workbook and save as an analysis template, or insert into layout or graph window. It’s also supported in cell notes.

This blog will show highlights of this feature and how to try it with Origin 2022b.

Paragraph Styles

In previous versions we already supports HTML and Markdown syntaxes in Notes window but for user whose not familiar with them, it’s hard to do so. In Origin 2022b we introduced a new syntax called Origin Rich Text which is used by default when open Notes window. Choose Notes: Syntax menu to see the default syntax and change to other syntaxes. 

With Origin Rich Text, user can

  • Set paragraph style  by Paragraph Style context menu
  • Choose Tools: Text Style Manager… to edit built-in paragraph style and create new paragraph style
  • Customize rich text using Format toolbar
  • Add Graph and Image to notes by Insert: Graph/Image context menu
  • Insert image on disk and online 
  • Insert Link
  • Insert worksheet cell by Insert: Worksheet Cell context menu
  • Insert Info. variable by Insert: Info. Variable context menu
  • Insert Latex equation
  • Insert special symbols
  • Insert named range
  • Different font size for different Notes window
  • Use File: Print… to export it as pdf file (Alt+Enter to change Notes Page Width)
  • Save the Notes as txt file and load in the future
  • Text wraps automatically for embedded Notes

Choose Notes: Load Samples: Built-in Styles.txt menu. It shows effect of built-in Styles such as header, body, bullet lists, numbered list and external image online and on disk.

Double click in Notes window to enter the raw text mode. Or using hotkey Ctrl+M to toggle between the the render mode and raw text modes.

Choose Tools: Text Style Manager… menu to customize built-in style or create new style. OriginTextStyles.ini is saved under User Files Folder. Delete it to restore system default.

Using Notes window for Analysis Report

We include a sample project Note Sheet with Styles.opju under Samples\ folder to demonstrate how to create an Analysis Report using Notes window in Origin2022b.

Double click the embedded Notes1 sheet to open it in Notes window. Double click or Ctrl+M to see raw text.

A video of how to quickly create a report using Notes window. When new data is imported, the report will update

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Notes_report.gif

How to:

  • To insert external image or webimage

Right click in Notes window and choose Insert: Image from File... or Insert: Image from Web… Image will be inserted as \img(web_image_address, width) or \img(file_path, width), e.g. \img(, w=100) , \img(file://”%@JSamples/Image Processing and Analysis/car.bmp”, w=200)

  • To insert image window or graph window in project

Activate the corresponding image or graph window first. Then activate Notes window and choose context menu. Image will be inserted as \img(windowname, width), e.g. \img(image1, w=300). Use w= or h= at the end of the link to adjust width or height of the inserted image/graph.

  • To insert metadata, file info. such as File Name, File Date, right click and choose Insert: Info. Variable… For Date, it displays as julian date by default, u will need to specify display format as last parameter. E.g. $([Book2]!, D10). D10 refers to the 11th built-in Date display format.
  • To insert some cell values from flat worksheet, right click and choose Insert: Worksheet Cell… context menu. Select From Worksheet window shows. Go to the sheet to select the cell and click Done in the Select from Worksheet window to insert it.
  • To insert some cell values from hierarchical result sheet, select the cell in worksheet first and copy (Ctrl+C). Then go to Notes window, right click and choose Paste Link (Ctrl+Alt+V), e.g.
    • %([Book2]Sensor01!,B,3,W)%([Book2]Sensor01!,B,3,W)
    • %([Book2]FitLinear1,@WL,Parameters.Slope.Value, W)
    • W means follow worksheet display. You can change it to .2, *3, etc. to show 2 decimal places, or show 3 significant digits, etc. See Custom Display.
  • To insert named range, use this syntax %(name1,w), %(name1, .2), %(name1, *4) etc. E.g. %(slope, w) ± %(slope_err, .4), here slope and slope_err is defined name for some cells in worksheet. w and .4 has been explained above. If you only type %(name1), it will show the location of the name.
  • To insert an image/graph in a worksheet cell, go to the cell and Ctrl+C, then in Notes window, right click a Paste Link.
  • To insert special symbol or latex equation, right click and use Insert context menu. Latex app should be installed to use it.
  • To Insert link, right click in Notes window and choose Insert: Link… context menu. User can add link to webpage, help document and labtalk command

Add Styled Text in Graph and Layout window

It’s hard to create nice looking text in layout window. User may need to create many separate text objects and customize each separately in the past. In Origin 2022b, user can use Notes window to create text and then insert it in Layout window.

In Layout window, there is context menu to Insert Notes After creating text in Notes window, press F5 to update it in Layout window.

In Graph window there is no such context menu. But you can always first create Notes window, then in Graph or layout window, right click and Add Text, enter @@@Notes1 to link to an existing Notes1 window.

Cell Notes

After adding notes for a single cell, user can also edit it in Notes window with styles. E.g. there are many header info. of this data, it will take a lot of space if I show it in column label rows. So I inserted a Notes for Time long name to show it.

How to:

Click long name cell and choose Insert Notes mini toolbar button. Then right click and choose

In the Notes window that shows up, right click to insert info. variable and also right click to set paragraph style.

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