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Origin 2022 brings support for connecting to or opening certain types of files directly from Google Drive and/or OneDrive without having to sync the file locally. The feature is called Origin Cloud Connect

There are two options associated with this feature:

  • Connect to Cloud: (via Data menu) This invokes either the CSV Data Connector, Excel Data Connector, or Origin connector to connect to text-based or Excel files out on the cloud.
  • Open from Cloud: (via toolbar button) This simply imports text-based or Excel files from the cloud into an Origin workbook without adding a Data Connector to the workbook. It also opens OGWU files such as analysis templates.

Getting Started

Watch the video below to learn how to get started importing data and opening files with Origin Cloud Connect.

Switching Services

You can easily switch between Google Drive and OneDrive. Watch.

Switching Accounts

With Google Drive, it is easy to switch accounts by clicking Account… button in the dialog, while with OneDrive you need to go to web browser to sign out onedrive account first and then click Account… button to switch to another Onedrive account. Watch.

Note: The URL mentioned for OneDrive is: https://microsoft.com/consent

Revoking Privileges

Watch the video below to learn how to Origin Cloud Connect’s access to either OneDrive or Google Drive.

Note: The URL mentioned for OneDrive is: https://microsoft.com/consent

Data Connector Icon States

When you choose Connect to Cloud from the Data menu and then select a file, a data connector is added to the newly created workbook. The icon will have three states:

  • Green: The Origin data and file on the cloud are in sync.
  • Yellow: The data on the cloud is newer or Origin Cloud Connect is not available for the given account.
  • Red: The file on the cloud has been deleted.

Manually Resetting Connect to Cloud

You can manually reset Connect to Cloud by deleting three files:

  • OCloud.ini which is located in your User Files Folder.
  • GoogleDrive and OneDrive files located here: C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\OriginLab

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