Plot Highlighting in Origin 2019

Origin, as a popular data analysis and visualization software, one would frequently deal with large amounts of data channels at the same time.

Say you’re working on a parallel chart, it looks fancy but also a little bit messy, cause you cannot really tell some of the details since the bands are all overlapping with each other. Now in the latest Originlab2019, one can highlight the exact dataplot by simply click on it. This will keep the selected plot as it is and dim the others on the graph.

This is a global feature that works on almost all types of graphs. And you can use left/right keyboard key to navigate among the plots.

Furthermore, this click-to-highlight not only changes the display, but also sets this plot as the currently activated one, which means all single-curve-based operations will be able to directly be opened on it without picking the source data again, including curve fitting, all kinds of gadgets, etc.

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