Statistics on Rows

Origin provides tools for user to generate basic statistics for rows in worksheet.


In this blog post we will discuss the tools to generate row-wise statistics:

  • Using the “Statistics on Rows” menu
  • Rowstats x-function for non-contiguous data/multiple sheet
  • Pros and cons of the two methods


Using the “Statistics on Rows” menu

To generate the basic statistics row by row, choose menu Statistics> Descriptive Statistics> Statistics on Rows.

The dialog provides over 30 options and interactive GUI for user to calculate descriptive statistics on rows for contiguous data



Statistics on rows for non-contiguous data/Multiple Sheet

While the Statistics on Rows menu provides advanced settings and interactive GUI to user, there is another quick way, rowstats, which enables to get row-wise statistics for more flexible input data range. The rowstats x-function supports seven outputs

  • Mean
  • Standard Deviation (SD)
  • Standard Error of Mean (SE)
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Number of Points
  • Sum

 CASE-1. Statistics on rows for non-contiguous data

Sometimes the data are stored in non-contiguous columns, or non-contiguous rows. The rowstats x-function can help to generate row-wise statistics on selected ranges.

  1. Open the Script Window from Window: Script Window menu
  2. Press Ctrl key to select non-contiguous ranges in worksheet
  3. Type the following in the Script Window, then press Enter:
  4. The row-wise statistics for selected range will be generated in the columns next to the input column

610_row_stats_ non-contiguous_data


CASE-2. Statistics on rows from multiple sheet
If the data are stored in different worksheet/workbook and you want to create a new workbook for the statistics on each row of certain columns, you can also use the rowstats x-function.

  1. Prepare a worksheet to store the results
  2. Open the Script Window from Window: Script Window menu
  3. Type the following in the Script Window, then press Enter:
    rowstats -d


  4. In the opened dialog, click the Triangle button to the right of Input.  Choose Select Columns… from the context menu to specify columns in different sheet in the Column Browser.
  5. Click Interactive button to the right of desired outputs, now which are Mean and Standard Deviation. And select columns in the prepared worksheet.


Pros and cons of the two methods

Statistics on Rows menu rowstats x-function
Input Only allow the same sheet Flexible, can be from any sheet
Computation Control  Yes No
Output Quantities 30+ 7
Run as Labtalk Maybe, very hard Straight forward
Dialog Nice x-function, can be opened with “-d”


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