Streamline Vector Plot

A Streamline plot is a representation based on a 2-D vector field interpreted as a velocity field. Origin starts to support this new graph type in version 2020b. In this blog,  we are going to generate a streamline graph of the vector field {vx,vy} as a function of x and ywhere  v= cos(x^2+y) , and vy = x-y^2+1.

1.   Click New Matrix button from tool bar to create a new matrix. Right click on the upper left corner to select Set Matrix Dimension/Labels… from flyout menu.  Set matrix dimension to 100X100. Set x,y From and To values to be -3 and 3.

2.  We next prepare two matrix objects to save  vx,vy values.  Click on the yellow  D icon and add a second matrix object. 

3.  Right click on each matrix object and select Set Matrix Values...  Enter cos(x^2+y) in formula entry for first object, and x-y^2+1 for second object.

4.  Select from menu Plot:Specialized:Streamline to make the plot.  Customize the graph further to get the final result. Please also download the project file.

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m trying to do this in Origin2020 but there isn’t a “specialized” tab in my “plot” tab… Is this feature still available?

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