Tile Grid Map Graph

The Tile Grid Map under Plot: Map menu is a new graph template introduced in Origin 2024. It combines the simplicity of tiles and the geographical representation of maps. Unlike traditional maps, where countries, states, or regions are represented as continuous shapes, the Tile Grid Map Graph uses discrete tiles or squares to represent individual geographic areas.  Origin 2024 supports two primary types of such graphs, as illustrated below. Please download the sample project with instructions for how to achieve the graphs shown below

  1. Solid tile color mapped to data value associated with that region.
  2. 2D graph in each tile for additional information, such as depicting trends and patterns within the data.

One of the advantages of Tile Grid Map Graphs is their ability to simplify complex geographical data, making it easier to grasp patterns and trends.  It offers a compelling way to present geographical information clearly, enabling users to quickly understand regional variations and make informed comparisons.

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