Validating Origin Analysis Results


Though OriginLab thoroughly tests and validates it’s analyses results during our QA testing process, some customers still ask to be able to validate Origin results for themselves. Towards this end, we have made a selection of validation samples available in Learning Center in Origin 2019b. The samples utilize datasets and results from the NIST Statistical Reference Datasets (StRD), a well-known source for validation data.

About the Examples

As I mentioned previously, the examples are available in Learning Center. To get to the examples:

  1. From the Help menu, select Learning Center (or hit F11). Note: If you are prompted to download and install an update to Learning Center, please do so at this point! There is a critical bug fix.
  2. In the Learning Center dialog, select the Analysis Samples vertical tab.
  3. From the Samples In drop down list, select Validation.
  4. You will observe a list of samples.
  5. Click on any of the samples to open it in the current Origin session.

Once the sample opens, you will be prompted to run the analysis in your Origin.

If you click OK, Origin will run the analysis and output the results to an HTML Report window (See illustrations below). The report is pre-populated with data and results from the relevant NIST validation for easy comparison with Origin results.

All the provided examples illustrate that Origin’s results are either in perfect or almost perfect agreement with those from NIST. (Note: If you’d like to see the NIST information, a helpful link is available in the report page.)

Hint!!! You can see that the reports below have background-colored cells. Were you to print one of the reports, the background colors wouldn’t be printed. This is the default behavior for the HTML container the report is presented in. If you really want the background colors, then click once inside the report to activate it. Then, from the File menu, select Page Setup… In the Page Setup dialog, tick the checkbox entitled Print Background Colors and Images. From now on your HTML reports will be printed with background colors!


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you are as excited about Origin 2019b as we are at OriginLab.

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